Single Family Home, Reston, VA

Step 1 (Knowledge):

The homeowner had comfort issues including overly hot (summer) and cold (winter) rooms in the upper level of the home, including living space over the garage. In addition, they had the original windows and siding on their 20 year old home, which was showing evidence of moisture damage and air loss.

Step 2 (Plan):

Based on the whole-house audit, Ardently Green recommended replacement of the windows, repair or replacement of the siding and exterior trim, air sealing leaks in the attic and crawl space, installation of additional cellulose insulation in the attic and dense pack cellulose in the cavity between the garage and upstairs bedroom.

Step 3 (Action):

Ardently Green replaced all the windows with high performance Energy Star rated windows, replaced the siding with highly durable and low maintenance James Hardie siding and trim, sealed air leaks in the attic and crawl spaces, increased attic insulation level to R-49, and dense-pack cellulose insulation in the garage ceiling.

Step 4 (Results):

As the result of the actions, the homeowner has noticed a significant improvement in the comfort of the problem rooms. The follow-up blower door test showed a 30 percent reduction in the leakiness of the house, which will reduce their energy bills.

Recent Projects

Loudoun County Government Energy Audits
Custom Energy Services, an energy services company (ESCO) owned by Con Edison, contracted Ardently Green to conduct approximately 20 energy audits on facilities owned and maintained by the government of Loudoun County, Virginia. The facilities included group homes, a library, and respite center. Ardently Green performed the energy audits, created energy models using REM/Design, and delivered the audit reports for all twenty properties in a period of 4 weeks. Custom Energy will use the Ardently Green audits to create a plan for Loudoun County to implement energy improvements to the facilities beginning in 2010.

Greenbelt Homes, Inc. Energy Consulting
Greenbelt Homes, Inc. is a 1600 home private housing Cooperative located on over 250 acres in Greenbelt, MD. GHI hired Ardently Green to conduct a targeted energy audit of the community and to provide a comprehensive plan for GHI to implement a capital improvement program for the GHI “Home of the Future”. GHI will implement a wide range of energy efficient improvements including upgraded insulation; heating, cooling and ventilation systems, and domestic hot water systems. The project included a homeowner survey, a weighted criteria system for selecting options, energy simulations, and an implementation plan.

Rockville, MD Residence
A homeowner in Rockville, MD contracted Ardently Green to perform a whole house energy audit and an energy retrofit on his 45 year old brick home. The energy retrofit included air sealing and upgraded insulation in the attic, installing air-tight protective shields on 25 recessed lights, installing an Energy Shield for attic hatch, sealing rigid and flexible air ducts, and dense-packing cellulose insulation in the garage ceiling. After the installation, Ardently Green performed a blower door test to measure the improvement in air infiltration. The result was a 57% reduction in air infiltration resulting in a much more energy efficient and comfortable home.

Solar Photo-Voltaic System in Washington, D.C.
Ardently Green and its partner Energy & Environment, Inc. installed a 3.8 kilo-watt solar photo-voltaic system for a homeowner in southeast Washington, D.C. The project involved installing structural steam beams to support the solar panel mounting system. Ardently Green installed 14 Sunwise solar panels in a fixed array on a Unirac mounting system. The system will provide approximately 65% of the homeowner’s electrical needs.



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