FAQs About Our Whole-House Energy Audit

How to Prepare for the Home Energy Audit

Before the audit, we ask that you collect at least the last 12 months of utility bills for evaluation. We also ask that you accompany our professional inspectors during the audit. The energy audit will generally last from two to three hours.

Preparing for the Home Energy Audit

What about cost?

Depending on home size, the cost of the Whole-House Energy Audit can range from $400-$800, a small investment that can lead to a more comfortable and healthier home, with lower monthly energy costs and a smaller carbon footprint to help Mother Nature.


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Energy Audit 101: Where are your home’s air leaks?

Receive a personalized GreenPrint of your home

After the Home Energy Audit, we’ll provide a valuable Ardently GreenPrint, an informative report about the existing condition of your home and where improvements can be made to improve energy efficiency, health, safety, and comfort.







Our Process
Four Ardently Green Steps
Practical Examples